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Cant wait til my wedding night! Gossshhh i cant believe i just said that…#thanxtopapi

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Finally a good one. Officers need to look at him and follow suit

Sheesh this hit hard

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"American Royalty" by Sam Spratt commissioned by Childish Gambino

Sam Spratt’s commissioned illustrations for actor/rapper Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

"What began as cover art for his mixtape ‘Royalty’ evolved into a series of Rockwell-esque vignettes on Americana meant to highlight the side of hip-hop that tends to take a back seat to “money, cars, and jewelry” – where you come from.

The collection of 10 illustrations cover a wide-spectrum of the little moments – the struggles, the simple pleasures, the risks, the irony, the humor, the hopes, and the realities of the American life that maybe isn’t quite so cookie cutter.” Prints available at

this man is unreal. how can someone be so multifaceted?

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Yo stop playin!

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Something about them was really pure it seemed very genuine I think they were really in love with one another

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Zoe Saldana 😍

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